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Wood Netsuke

NW71 Japanese old wooden bear shape Netsuke Kibori kuma


NT15 Japan antique small Miniature Matchlock shape gun hinawaju Teppo Netsuke


Boxwood Wood Netsuke PIG Figurine Carving (SALE) WN624


NT16 Japanese Antique Edo Miniature Matchlock shape gun teppo Netsuke hinawaju


NW74 Japanese Antique boxwood Tiger Netsuke signed #Tsuba sword inro ojime


Boxwood Wood Netsuke "FROG ON NUT" Figurine Carving (WN062)


Gold Lacquer Seal Case (Makie Inro) Southern Barbarian with Manji Netsuke Japan


Gold Lacquer Seal Case (Makie Inro) Mount Fuji of the landscape w Dragon Netsuke


Vintage Wood Dragon Netsuke -- Signed -- Dramatic Expression


NW75 Japanese Antique boxwood Songoku Netsuke signed # Tsuba sword inro ojime


Netsuke wood carving Tea Scoop & Locust wood Hand carved 4.5" x 1"




Netsuke Wood


Netsuke Fine Wood Masterfully Carved Round-Horned Goat - Asian pride


Netsuke Hairy Ape Heavy Unknown Wood Wonderfully Detailed Pensive Face


Vintage Chinese Japanese Carved Wood Netsuke Pig Miniature Sow Figurine Pendant


Mermaid Netsuke Wood Japanese Asian Figurine Signed


Netsuke Carved Wood Pig Figurine


Vintage Japanese Wood Netsuke of Seated Sennin Sage Japan




Boxwood Wood Netsuke Cute Rat Mice Figure Carving (WN164)


Hand Carved wood netsuke Rhinoceros Rhino ~ signed 2.75" L x 1" T x .75 W


Vintage Hand Carved Finely Detailed Box Wood Netsuke, Dragon Figure.


Boxwood Wood Netsuke Flying Bat Figurine Carving WN108


Boxwood Wood Netsuke MERMAID & KID Figurine Carving (WN582)


Boxwood Wood Netsuke Zodiac Snake Figurine Carving (WN627)


Boxwood Wood Netsuke Cute Rat Mice Figure Carving (WN508)


Antique Japanese Wood Netsuke Spiral Seashell Hiding Crab Barnacle Japan


Japanese Netsuke Carved Wood Three TURTLES Signed Onyx Or Glass Black Eyes


Boxwood Wood Netsuke JAPANESE BEAUTY BATHING Carving (WN049)


Boxwood Wood Netsuke Monkey Riding on Hippo Figurine Carving WN269


Boxwood Handicraft Wood Netsuke Feng Shui Kirin (WN524)


Boxwood Wood Japanese Netsuke Foo Dog With Ball Figurine Carving WN155


Boxwood Wood Netsuke TWO SKULL Figurine Carving (WN433)


Boxwood Wood Netsuke CRAB Figurine Carving WN603


Vintage Japanese Wood Netsuke of Quails & Frog on Bamboo Shoots Japan


Boxwood Wood Netsuke Three Cute Dogs Figurine Carving WN814


Boxwood Wood Netsuke Cute Monkey Figurine Carving (WN522)


Boxwood Handcrafted Wood Netsuke Sitting Monk Carving (WN574)